Looks like Moto 360 won’t be the only round smartwatch in Android Wear’s inner circle. LG just pushed out a YouTube video that basically leaks its own plans to introduce a circular model at the IFA 2014 show in Berlin next week. 

LG’s decision to blast the corners off its smartwatch line should come as no surprise. Much of the anticipation surrounding the Moto 360, the third device to support Google’s smartwatch software, stems from its classic and stylish round hardware design. It’s a look that sets it apart from the other Android Wear devices, the rectangular LG G and Samsung Gear Live, neither of which excited critics or consumers following their introduction at the Google I/O developer conference last June. 

A few screenshots we managed to glean from the video: 

The timing appears strategic. LG likely plans to steal the Moto 360’s thunder with its new watch, possibly to be called the LG G Watch R, as it will debut right after the 360 launch. It will also potentially slide in right head of Apple’s reported press event on September 9, where it might—depending on which rumors you believe—introduce its own smartwatch alongside the new iPhone 6.

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Even if LG manages to grab attention, it could have trouble keeping it unless it addresses some major issues with its previous watch. Chief among them are comfort—the LG G feels like a board if your wrist is on the smaller side, thanks to its size and strap placement—and battery life. The current model offers a day to a day and a half of wear before the power cell requires a recharge, which is a pretty miserable scenario for active users on the go.

The changes that do appear to be on board include a side button and several new watchfaces, some of which feature step and distance tracking, a compass and a few analog-style designs. 

To check out the LG’s YouTube video for yourself, see below.