In April, Pebble CEO and founder Eric Migicovsky stopped by our headquarters for an on-stage interview at ReadWriteMix, ReadWrite’s question-and-answer event series. The event was a big success, with a packed room.

We asked attendees to reserve their seat with an optional donation to Girls Who Code, an organization that shares ReadWrite’s values about democratizing access to technology. We raised $451 for the organization, and based on that success, we’re going to ask attendees at future ReadWriteMix events to make a donation in support of Girls Who Code.

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We gave a quick recap of the event, but we now have the complete video to share, as well as highlights of the conversation. (A note: We had to rely on a backup source of audio due to an equipment failure, so the sound quality is not ideal. Our apologies for that—but Migicovsky is worth a close listen.)

Here’s the complete video of our half-hour talk and questions from the audience:

Migicovsky defines the modern smart watch as “a wearable computer that connects to the Internet … and brings you information ambiently to your wrist.”

How crowdfunding website Kickstarter figured into Pebble’s success:

Why smartwatches need to meet people on their own terms and “mesh into your life”:

Migicovsky on how he’s building an operating system for wearables:

How the failure of Migicovsky’s first smartwatch, the Allerta InPulse, taught the company a hard lesson:

Migicovsky gives back to the Kickstarter community by backing cool campaigns himself:

”The idea of competitors in this space is not new.”

Migicovsky on how context shapes your smart watch:

Our next ReadWriteMix is June 3, with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley. We’ll be making tickets available soon.