Skype is liberating group calls and screen sharing for all users, which are two powerful additions that should please businesspeople and enterprises everywhere.

Group calls had long been available to Skype Premium customers on Mac, Windows and even Xbox One, but now it’s rolling out to anyone using those systems—free of charge.

Microsoft GM of consumer marketing Phillip Snalune said free group calls will eventually roll out to people using mobile devices and other systems, but for now, it’s just available for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users. It’s a solid start, however, especially when you consider Microsoft was likely feeling pressure from Google Hangouts, which is also free, but doesn’t need to be downloaded like Skype. Of course, Google Hangouts also works on mobile devices, which Skype is still working on.

Skype also made screen sharing free for all group video calls, which is a key for businesses that collaborate remotely. So even as it looks to compete against popular consumer-oriented tools like Google Hangouts, Skype’s focus on appeasing the enterprise shows that Microsoft still knows where its bread is buttered.

Image by Joe Shlabotnik from Flickr via Creative Commons license