At Dropbox’s media event in San Francisco Wednesday, CEO Drew Houston unveiled some updates for the company’s Mailbox application

First up, the formerly iOS-only Mailbox mobile app gets joined by the Android version starting today. The company also debuted Mailbox for desktop, which is in limited beta. The desktop application for Mailbox puts the swiping and gesture action mobile users are familiar with and made it available via trackpad. 

All the usual Mailbox suspects are there, including swipe to remove, simplified interface and streamlined compose window. Mailbox also introduced a new feature, dubbed “auto-swipe.” It’s basically a predictive tool that learns from your common actions and asks if you’d like to automate the task. For example, if you always archive messages from a particular sender every morning, or snooze messages at certain times, it notices the behavior and gives you the option to make that automatic. 

Auto-swipe is only available in the Android app today, but will be coming to iOS very soon. 

To sign up for the beta version of the desktop application, visit Mailbox online. The Android app is available today in the Google Play store.