The Arm Race is on—and Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky is in the lead. For now.

Everyone wants to get into wearable devices, from Samsung to Google and Apple. While the giants have been making splashy announcements, taking meetings, and unveiling platforms, Pebble has been shipping smartwatches for more than a year now.

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For our next ReadWriteMix event on April 9, I’m going to sit down with Migicovsky and talk about the potential of wearable technology to change our lives; the rocky road he traveled from Waterloo, Canada, to Palo Alto; and Pebble’s plans to woo consumers and developers alike.

Why Pebble has succeeded—and might have an edge against all the competitors coming its way—is Migicovsky’s dedication to building devices that “fit into your life.” Rather than replacing your smartphone or becoming one more complicated gadget to twiddle with and charge, the Pebble serves as a useful adjunct to your phone, letting it stay in your pocket while you stay in touch. It sounds simple—but simple, it turns out, isn’t easy.

Learn how Migicovsky handled a runaway Kickstarter campaign, a supply chain stretching to China, and restive preorder customers—while building an iconic new device that may come to define its category. Join me and Migicovsky on April 9—tickets are free but you must reserve a seat.