Flipboard Is Learning From What You Read

Flipboard is rolling out a new look and feel to Cover Stories, a section of its news-reading app that’s analogous to its front page. It now organizes stories by source, social network, and topic, and will learn how you use Flipboard and tailor content to feature what topics you care about more prominently.

Previously, it organized stories by showing the most recent ones first.

The company is making a push to organize articles by topics you care about and sources that you’ve added to your Flipboard to provide you with a personalized news experience. 

As more companies are getting into news aggregation, the market is getting crowded. Some, like Circa and Inside, are providing summaries of stories written by their own staff. Yahoo recently unveiled its News Digest app, which shows algorithmically summarized stories selected by a team of editors. Facebook is even rumored to launch its own news aggregation application based on the links people are already sharing, but potentially chosen by editors as well.

Flipboard has long taken a hybrid approach, using human editors to feature stories in specific categories like news and special events. More recently, it has encourages its users to do their own packaging of stories into digital magazines that other users can subscribe to.

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