Apple Wrenches Another $290 Million From Samsung In Patent Retrial

Apple has again bested Samsung in a California patents court, wrenching another $290 million from its Korean rival in a retrial to determine damages from the dramatic showdown the two company’s had last year over patent infringement, according to reports. 

The retrial was set to determine damages Samsung owed Apple after the companies epic court showdown in 2012 where a jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. Samsung was found to infringe on five Apple design patents that covered 14 devices that sold about 10.7 million units. The judge in the case vacated $450 million that Samsung owed Apple saying that the jury miscalculated the award and set a new jury trial to determine what Samsung owed Apple. Apple asked for an additional $380 million while Samsung responded that it only owed Apple $52 million. Samsung is still on the hook for the remainder of award of about $600 million. This jury case was to define how much more Samsung owed Apple. 

Appeals of the case are likely as Apple and Samsung remain in a quagmire of lawsuits and countersuits over patents. The devices in this particular case are now several years old and many are not available on the market anymore. Apple and Samsung are slated to go to war over infringing patents on a newer round of devices from 2012 in March of 2014. 

Image: Judge Lucy Koh by Vicki Behringer,

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