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With a bright idea and a credit card, hundreds of startups and small businesses have launched and scaled in the last few years thanks to affordable cloud solutions like Amazon, Box, and Salesforce. The cloud continues to deliver these advantages today, but it now has credible story to tell prospective customers in the enterprise.

CloudBeat 2013—VentureBeat’s premiere event on enterprise cloud adoption, September 9-10 in San Francisco—will track the growing maturity of the cloud with two days of high-level discussions, customer case studies, breakout sessions, and exclusive announcements.

This year’s program features new cases from PayPal, NASA, Netflix, Stanford University, Pivotal, Linkedin, General Electric, and IBM, to name a few.

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Why CloudBeat?

Other cloud events focus on legacy technologies and incremental change and tend to let the cloud “vendors” do the talking.

CloudBeat, by contrast, puts the customers front and center. Their discussions with vendors and other experts unearth rare lessons on adoption, providing insights and actionable data on new cloud technologies, what’s working, who’s buying what, and where the industry is going.

Featured Speakers

  • Paul Maritz, CEO, Pivotal (read the announcement)
  • George Hu, COO, Salesforce (read the announcement)
  • Saran Mandair, Senior Director, Infrastructure Engineering, PayPal
  • Ariel Tseitli, Director of Cloud Solutions, Netflix
  • Ilya Fushman, Head of Product, Business and Mobile, Dropbox
  • Jason Crusan, Chief Technologist for Space Operations, NASA
  • Katie Talamantez, Director of Finance, Stanford University
  • Rod Smith VP, Emerging Technology, IBM
  • Andres Bang, Head of Sales and Operations Systems, LinkedIn
  • Sam Schillace, VP of Engineering, Box
  • Laura Merling, VP Ecosystems and Solutions, AT&T
  • Fabio Rosati, CEO, Elance
  • Dan Siroker, Cofounder and CEO, Optimizely
  • John Dillon, CEO, Engine Yard
  • Bryan Cantrill, SVP Engineering, Joyent
  • Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid
  • David Lenoe, Product Security Director, Adobe
  • Konstantin Gredeskoul, CTO, Wanelo
  • James Tamplin, Founder and CEO, Firebase

Innovation Showdown

Day Two of CloudBeat will feature a lively startup competition where 10 cloud companies will pitch their products/services live in front of an expert panel of judges and the full audience. There were over 200 applications this year, and the 10 finalists will be announced soon!


CloudBeat 2013 will help you find those new investors, new hires, and new business opportunities through a series of organized initiatives including roundtable lunch discussions, quick-connect sessions, business card bingo, receptions, and a slick new networking app.

Join 500 executives—with a mix of business and IT decision makers, analysts, investors, brands, marketers, and press—and learn how to benefit as the ‘cloud grows up.’

ReadWrite readers can register with code “Read” and save 25%!

Photo by Michael O’Donnell for VentureBeat