When the iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson makes an appearance on social news site Reddit, he doesn’t mess around with with some typical ask-me-anything (AMA) thread. No, the Big Kahuna Burger-stealing, snake-killing, shark bite-suffering, Jedi Master takes it to a whole new level by kicking-off a game-changing Reddit contest: The most upvoted 300 word-comment on the thread will be read out loud in monologue form by Jackson himself. 

We can only assume the monologue will be recorded and shared, but either way it’s a hilarious and cunning twist on the general celebrity Reddit AMA. Celebrities everywhere should be taking note that the best way to engage the Internet is not only to challenge them, but to do so in a way that adds value only you can provide. In this case, it’s Jackson’s unique ability to rant. 

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Get. Your. Ass. Up.

At publication time, the leading comment (with an astounding 25,000 upvotes) comes from Reddit user teaguechrystie. Titled “my new alarm clock,” it’s a stirring speech designed to help get your out of bed. Try reading this line in your head in Samuel Jackson’s voice: “You think it’s supposed to come easy? You think I’ve had it easy? Get your ass up. Get. Your ass. Up. Right now.”

The rest of the rant is sort of like that, but the roughly 220 more words are studded with far too many f-bombs to reprint here. Hopefully, the actor will soon be stringing together this rant in an online video that could serve as inspiration for slug-a-beds everywhere.  

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Charitable Motives

Jackson’s real Reddit motive is to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. His Reddit post promotes chances to meet him in the UK for lunch with a $3 donation on his Prizeo page. A $200 donation gets an autographed Kangol hat, his trademark headwear of choice. 

The contest is slated to run through Thursday. We’ll add video of the winning monologue as soon as it’s available. 

Update on 5/31/13 at 12:54 p.m. PT: Jackson has released the first video to YouTube after announcing that he would in fact be picking two monologues, one based on upvotes and the other being one of his choosing. This first release appears to be Jackson’s personal choice considering many Reddit users are pointing out that the submitted monologue was not in the running for the top upvote slot, still currently held by “my new alarm clock.”  Here it is folks: