What is a geek, anyway? Someone who loves math and science and computers? Sure, but that’s only part of it. As counter-terrorism expert Richard Clark once told Stephen Colbert (around the 3:40 mark): “Geeks get it done.” 

That nails it. 

Geeks Get It Done – GGID. Geeks imagine, then build. Geeks envision, then destroy. Geeks remake the old world and create new worlds. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes because the fate of all humanity hangs in the balance.

That’s why geeks get inspired by movies that remind them to revel in their obsessiveness – because it ultimately leads to the way you “get it done.” 

Which movies do the best job of providing that awesome inspiration? You can’t go wrong with these 10 classics: 

1. The Matrix

You are your code.

The Matrix is so good that the hot, leather-clad love interest who snaps necks and knows how to handle a semi-automatic doesn’t even make it into the top 5 best things about this movie. 

2. Star Wars

You already know. There’s nothing more to add.  

3. Iron Man

Wealthy industrialist, playboy, inventor, badass. It’s like if Bill Gates were as cool as he is rich. 

4. Tron

More than 30 years ago, Disney put a hacker inside a computer. Mad props. 

5. Weird Science

Two high school boys “feed” their computer with as much real-world data as they could obtain during the Reagan era. The result: their idea of the perfect woman.

6. Minority Report

The “PreCrime” police force uses “precogs” to stop murderers before they kill. What’s that? Why, yes, it is based on a Philip K. Dick story.

7. Akira

Katsuhiro Otomo. Neo-Tokyo. Biker gangs. Psions. Enjoy.

8. Star Trek

This Star Trek reboot took us back to the future – to the early days of James T. Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. Think of just how awesome it will be if the new Star Wars films are as successful as this Star Trek reboot. 

“I dare you to do better.”

9. Galaxy Quest

The obsessive Star Trek-fanboy parody done right. When it comes on television, you can’t not watch it. Why? Because it inspires you to never stop believing.

10. The Goonies

For a generation of geeks and would-be geeks, The Goonies inspired their sense of adventure. It’s message was clear: never stop being a pirate.

Do you agree with our list? Are there any you think don’t belong in the top 10? What geek classics did we leave out? Have at it in the comments.

Lead image courtesy of s_bukley / Shutterstock.