Leap Motion, creators of a motion-control device that allows interaction with a computer interface through hand movements, has announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard that will embed gesture control directly within HP hardware and get this technology out to more mainstream consumers.

The Leap Motion device was already scheduled for a standalone launch on May 13, and the announcement calls for it to be bundled with HP products beginning this summer.

The deal will have Leap Motion’s AirSpace app store pre-loaded on HP laptops and PCs and have Leap Motion technology embedded in future HP devices. Although the companies declined to share a time frame for when HP’s Leap Motion-embedded devices will hit the market, the combination could help HP become an early leader in the motion-control movement. 

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How HP Helps Leap Motion

“They were a logical choice for us with their sheer distribution and their worldwide footprint,” said Leap Motion’s president and COO Andy Miller, of getting involved with HP.

That seems to encapsulate this symbiotic partnership: HP may be a struggling hardware titan, but it has the global reach and R&D muscle that Leap Motion needs to push its device from nifty niche product into mainstream hardware companion. On the flip side, Leap Motion infuses some cutting edge functionality into generic HP devices. 

It’s a win-win if Leap Motion takes off like many predict it will. Miller claimed the device has received “hundreds of thousands” of pre-orders from nearly every country in the world.

Leap Motion Looking For More Licensing Deals

Beyond HP, Leap Motion is remaining tight-lipped about additional deals. “We are anxious and encouraging of folks to license our technology, non-consumer as well,” Miller said. “We’ve had conversations about robotic surgery, automotive, fighter jets, data visualization… and any place where there is a cleanliness aspect where you can’t use touch – like in an operating room or clean room or even fast-food kitchen.” 

The device is currently available for pre-order for $79.99 from LeapMotion.com, BestBuy.com (for U.S. only), and Amazon.uk for United Kingdom customers. 

Image courtesy of Leap Motion. 

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