Live In A Crowded Place? Your Wi-Fi Is Fast But Your Cell Service Is Slow [Infographic]

When it comes to Wi-Fi and mobile broadband service, population makes a big difference. According to a new report from WeFi, a mobile broadband solution and network management company, the higher the population a state has, the better that state’s Wi-Fi speeds – but the slower the cellular broadband speeds. (Ironically, states with very low population densities also suffer from slow cellular speeds – probably for completely different reasons.)

The infographic below lays out the report’s conclusions on who in the U.S. gets the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi and mobile broadband speeds – and exactly what they use all that bandwidth to do.

For example, it turns out that Instagram is the biggest social-network data hog, easily beating out Google+ and Facebook and trailing only multimedia-heavy ESPN in terms of overall data downloaded.  

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