Amazon’s Cloud Player is coming to the iPad and iPad Mini. The e-commerce giant announced this morning that it has released a tablet-optimized version of its music player to the Apple App Store. The app will be free and allow users to play or download music stored in their Cloud Player accounts to their iPads or play, manage or create playlists from music already stored on their devices. 

Users can play any music purchased through Amazon for free. The Cloud Player will allow up to 250 songs to be uploaded to the service for free as well. After that, users can pay $24.99 a year to upload up to 250,000 songs.

Amazon wants to expand its digital content empire beyond the traditional book fare. The Cloud Player is Amazon’s answer to music hosting services like Google Now and Spotify. Amazon is moving the Cloud Player through the widespread app ecosystem, much in the same way that it did with its Kindle app, which is available on basically every operating system and any device size available.

The Amazon Cloud Player is also available for the Kindle Fire, Roku TV streaming box, Android smartphones and tablets, Samsung TV and Sonos devices. Amazon released the Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod Touch in summer 2012.