The Interwebs are buzzing over the photo (above) showing North Korean dictator (and world’s sexiest man of 2012) Kim Jong-Un with a smartphone. Now everyone wants to know what kind of phone do you use when you’re the guy who runs the most isolated totalitarian state in the world, where accessing the Internet via mobile phone is against the law?

Clearly not an iPhone, which is made by Apple and “designed in California,” which is part of the Great Satan, America. And apparently not Samsung, since that company is South Korean and apparently those two countries have some issues, despite having almost the exact same name.

Gizmodo claims it’s an HTC phone, and created a very cool fake ad which I’m sure HTC will want to use. (Click on the link.) The Telegraph cites sources in the Seoul government the same thing, that it’s very likely an HTC device, and HTC gave them a statement saying it appreciates the “support of all users.” Given how poorly HTC has been doing, who can blame them? 

Anyway, it’s definitely an Android phone. And as an Android fan, this warms my heart.

My guess is that this might be the next Nexus phone, delivered personally by Eric Schmidt during his recent visit to North Korea. Kim says he loves the 4G speed, but he agrees with MG Siegler that it’s totally lame for HTC to still be using a PenTile display when Apple has had Retina for, like, forever. Forgive me, I drank a bottle of cough syrup this morning and it’s really kicking in.

dan lyons