Get ready for the social explosion. Facebook Graph Search has begun to roll out to earlybirds who opted into the beta of the new social search bar, which was announced last week at the company’s Menlo Park HQ. If you haven’t seen the feature yet, get ready for an onslaught of experimental searches elbowing their way into your News Feed as your Facebook friends and frenemies discover it and tinker around – likely to your horror or amusement.

The feature will grow into Facebook’s so-called “third pillar”, alongside Timeline and News Feed. As Zuckerberg drove home during its debut press event, Graph Search is a bit rough around the edges for now. Facebook clearly has big plans to build out the social search engine, which remains in beta for the time being. 

If you don’t count yourself among the afraid-of-change sort that refused to embrace Timeline until roughly a year after its launch, you can opt in now and give it a go. Sign up now on the Graph Search beta page to get in line or check out the new viral Tumblr, “Actual Facebook Graph Searches”, themed around the awful, bizarre or otherwise zany results you can dredge up with the new intra-network search tool. 

Got any good ones? Don’t keep ’em to yourself.

taylor hatmaker