If you didn’t make it to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show – or if you wouldn’t touch the annual tech explosion with a 10-foot pole – live vicariously through ReadWrite, all from the relative comfort and sanity of your own home. We’ve been here in Las Vegas for the full pre-show, and now that Day 1 has come and gone, join us for a virtual stroll through the not-so-hallowed halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center? We’re already so worn out and strung out that we might have hallucinated the whole thing, but the photographic evidence suggests otherwise.

CES is among the flashiest, most absurdly over the top tech events of its kind. The sheer scope of the thing is nearly impossible to convey with words – it’s just absolutely massive. Spread across 1.9 million square feet are 3,250 exhibitors unveiling an estimated 20,000 brand new products. This year, Ultra HDTVs are the ostensible hot new thing, but new gadgets abound across every category imaginable.

From iPhone-controlled quadrocopters performing a synchronized in-flight dance to water-resistant cameras getting dunked in a pitcher of beer – you name it, it’s lurking around here somewhere. And since this week’s excitement has technically only just begun, we haven’t even ferreted out the truly weird stuff yet.