8 Hilarious Political Videos To Get You In The Mood For The Presidential Debate

What better way to get in the mood for tonight’s presidential debate than watching fun parody videos (and sipping an alcoholic beverage)? Read Romney’s lips, Obama style!

Obama Style: Obama impersonator Alphacat dancing the invisible horse:  

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney also received the Gangnam Style treatment, courtesy of College Humor. Time Magazine wants to know which one you like better:  

 YouTube staple Bad Lip Reading has taken a crack at both candidates. To paraphrase the first President Bush: Read his lips!

Mitt Romney’s lips reveal that his secret weapon involves spiders and badgers. Will he unleash them on Obama tonight?

These three foxy ladies have a cheeky crush on Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, and they aren’t shy singing about it: 

Sadly, no one sings about loving Joe Biden. But Internet denizens love to hear Obama chant Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer hit “Call Me Maybe”: This one-minute-and-47-second remixing of sound bites has been viewed more than 28 million times to date. 

The president has even been the subject of a dissastisfied Goyte parody that the Republican-leaning media was quick to attach itself to: 

Given Romney’s various missteps, either on the campaign trail or behind the scences, many anticipate that the outcome of tonight’s debate will look something like this: 

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