It seems there are more changes at Twitter than to the molecules of a frozen burrito in a microwave.

On the heels of last month’s API change (and scare), Twitter is tweaking content delivery.

Twitter product manager Brian Ellin wrote in a blog post last week that the firm is “launching a new tool that makes it easy to embed interactive timelines of tweets on any website.”

This change allows people and companies to feature interactive tweets directly on their sites. That means that third-party sites, like ESPN (which is embedding U.S. Open info), can expand tweets to display photos and media. People on the third-party sites can start a conversation, follow, reply and retweet directly from the tweet box.

This expands Twitter’s ecosystem even further. 

Ellin’s post breaks down the myriad uses: “Whether it’s an author’s tweets alongside their blog, a hashtag about an event like #DNC2012, or a list of competitors at the U.S. Open.”

Here’s a handy guide from Twitter on how to embed timelines on your site.