Evernote has announced the finalists of its 2012 Devcup. The finalists will get to pitch at the Evernote Trunk Conference on August 24 for the chance to win some development dough. For the Evernote users out there, here are six cool new apps to enhance your outboard brain.

EV – Brazil

EV allows the 4 billion feature phone users around the world to create notes, search existing notes and receive reminders from Evernote, all via SMS.

EverClip – Hong Kong

EverClip is an iPhone app that gives you most of the power of Evernote’s desktop Web Clipper for the browser. It runs in the background, and when you copy anything to your phone’s clipboard, EverClip can send it straight to your Evernote account.

KustomNote – USA

KustomNote is a Web-based app that lets you find or create pre-set templates for nicely styled Evernote notes and fill them in through easy forms.

LiveMinutes – USA

LiveMinutes is a Web-based app that lets you share and collaboratively edit Evernote notes with a team in real time.

PlaceMe – USA

PlaceMe is an iPhone app that logs your location as you move through your day and saves a log of your travels privately back to Evernote.

Spotwish Go!(People’s Choice Award) – Brazil

Spotwish is an Android app that lets you create an event, like “basketball game” or “party at Anna’s house,” and share it with anyone participating. Everyone in the event can share pictures and comments about the event, and it all gets synced back to their Evernote accounts as a “memory.”

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