began operations in 1999 providing various open-source desktop development tools. The company is most famous for Subversion, used by some 5 million developers for source version control. Beginning today, it combines some of the tools acquired since then (including Codesion and TeamForge) to create a fully integrated cloud development platform for managing large-scale software projects.

It’s called CloudForge, and it’s designed to give developers a way to work on their code in the cloud and then deploy it to a variety of PaaS locations, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Joyent. now has one of the most complete collections of development tools that can be used to deploy to the widest number of Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers.

If you run a distributed software dev team, CloudForge is something you should look at. You can have centralized control, automated backups, agile coding, version control and one-click deployment across a wide variety of on-premise and hybrid cloud locations. “Having a flexible platform to quickly build and ramp up a cloud development program has helped our company become more agile and responsive to the market,” said Rahul Subramaniam, managing director for DevFactory, a Trilogy company. “CollabNet and its CloudForge platform provide a much-needed development and deployment front-end to the IaaS and PaaS offerings that are available today – our developers love it, and it provides the visibility and control we need to run the business.”

Initially, CloudForge cloud services will be available to customers with on-premise deployments of Subversion Edge and TeamForge. A new Subversion Edge CloudBackup service now provides seamless Subversion data archiving, redundancy and migration capabilities for any on-premise user of Subversion Edge or TeamForge, without leaving their own desktop environment. Later in the year, additional hybrid cloud services will be available in TeamForge and Subversion Edge, such as elastic server provisioning for build, test and deployment.

The idea is that developers can use their existing desktop coding environments and still create cloud-ready apps.You can publish your apps on Google App Engine,’s,, AWS and Joyent, as well as private servers.

Today the beta is free, and commercial availability is planned for the end of May. Prices for the commercial service are planned to run from $3.50 to $32 per user per month, depending on usage. More information on CloudForge can be found on the website.