GoGrid Introduces Predictive Analytics Platform

GoGrid today introduces its Big Data Solution predictive analytics platform. It adds features that combine the best from cloud computing with hybrid cloud flexibility and front-end apps. Everything is managed from the GoGrid web-based management portal. Amazon and others need more assembly of individual pieces that are less integrated than what GoGrid offers.

The idea is to support very high performance analytics. It has preconfigured hardware that includes a collection of four different servers as part of GoGrid’s Professional Cloud plan. You can use this to quickly scale up demand to meet traffic spikes in your Hadoop NoSQL databases, for example. This allows for a complete hybrid cloud solution with the added security of a single-tenant infrastructure. Here is an example of how a typical setup might look, from their website:

Martini Media, the leading digital advertising platform for reaching affluent U.S. consumers, has already deployed GoGrid’s Big Data Solution. Martini’s platform requires substantial processing power to handle more than 250 million online events each day. “We considered four providers, and only GoGrid offered everything we wanted,” said Manicka Babu, VP of engineering at Martini Media. “Most important was the hybrid architecture. The improvements in Cassandra replication and latency are impressive.”

GoGrid now has a collection of powerful management and analysis tools that can scale up easily and handle hosted private clouds. While not for everyone, the Big Data Solution is appropriate when you know you will be going from a cold start to fairly heavy data loads quickly. It is now available for $3,800 per month, and all customers that sign up for a year’s subscription will get 20% off.

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