I’ve been playing around with a new tool from the crack team at News.me called Exposé. It’s a browser bookmarklet that shows you what a news site would look like “if [y]our friends were in charge.” It pops up a News.me menu that lists stories from that site your Twitter, Facebook and News.me friends have shared, along with their comments.

News.me makes iOS apps and email digests that pull in news from your social networks, and Exposé is a remarkable extension of that technology. It lets you quickly jump to the stories likely to matter to you on any site.

News.me is making reactions to the news into a social layer. Lots of services are able to digest your Twitter and Facebook streams and pull out the most popular links, but News.me is doing more with the data. Especially with the new reactions in the iPhone app, News.me provides a bunch of quick signals about what your contacts thought of a story.

The News.me iPhone app is a good place to discover new stories and sources. But I also launch it when I know there’s news, because I’ll immediately be able to identify which take on the story is the one I need to see.

The new bookmarklet extends that power to the Web as well. If your network is talking about any stories on a site you’re visiting, you can reveal them in one click.

Not only is it a handy filter for an avid reader, it’s a great reason to convince your friends to use News.me. But they don’t even have to; just posting the links on Twitter or Facebook will cause them to show up in your Exposé.

You can find Exposé on the News.me/tools page.

Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock

jon mitchell