There is a code upheld by members of Sicilian mobsters called omerta. It is considered a code of honor, of value, of principal. It is the “code of silence” that means that members do not give evidence to authorities or rivals about the activities of the organization. When an organization is brought down by police there is a good chance that there was a snitch involved. Omerta was broken.

The FBI arrested five members of hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous today for various computer crimes associated with the year long battle the groups have waged against corporations and governments across the world. The most recent and damaging was the hack of U.S. intelligence contractor Stratfor in December.

One of the leaders of the movement went by the name of Sabu. His real name, according to a Fox News report, is Hector Xavier Monsegur from New York City. Sabu has been a rogue member of the group, disagreeing with other members of Anonymous and being one of the most vocal advocates of chaos.

It has been difficult to tell who and what Anonymous was. As the group grew and evolved it became extremely fractured. Anybody could lob a denial of service attack at some major corporation and claim and hacks against anybody that wronged the group. Sabu is also a traitor and a hypocrite. For all his bravado, he had been working with the FBI for months to implicate other members of the group. Knowing that, see his tweets from the last week below. Caution, strong language.

Sabu has been disavowed by the so-called Anonymous leadership for some time. When hackers went after Stratfor, it was Sabu leading the charge. Other leaders from Anonymous quickly posted a press release on Pastebin calling Sabu and his followers, “opportunistic attention whores.”

“Stratfor has been purposefully misrepresented by these so-called Anons and portrayed in false light as a company which engages in activity similar to HBGary. Sabu and his crew are nothing more than opportunistic attention whores who are possibly agent provocateurs. As a media source, Stratfor’s work is protected by the freedom of press, a principle which Anonymous values greatly.”

According to the Fox News report, Sabu was arrested in secret last June and was pleaded guilty to 12 hacking charges Aug. 15. That means that Sabu has been cooperating with the FBI for the better part of a year. Last July, three suspected LulzSec/Anonymous hackers were arrested and charged and charged with malicious computer crimes. Sabu claimed he was not part of the arrest and tweeted a video about Anonymous that has seen more than 90,000 views on YouTube.

We know now that Sabu had already been arrested at that time.

For the last week Sabu has been tweeting against the federal prosecutors that chased him down and eventually the arrests that were announced today. His last tweet was about 18 hours ago and stated: “Die Revolution sagt ich bin, ich war, ich werde sein.” That loosely translates to, “The revolution I am saying, I was, I would be.”