When Mark Zuckerberg likes a page on Facebook, people take notice.

Within hours of Zuckerberg publicly liking Friendsheet on his Facebook profile Tuesday night, several blog posts about the site had popped up. But assertions that Friendsheet turns Facebook into Pinterest are a bit of a stretch.

Friendsheet takes public photos your friends have posted and arranges them on a grid that looks an awful lot like Pinterest, except that it replaces Pinterest’s red-and-white color scheme with Facebook blue. You can also upload photos directly to Facebook through Friendsheet, and you can choose which friends’ photos you see, as well as whether you see captions and comments.

“The goal was to take Facebook photos, and turn it into a visual experience while maintaining speed, performance, and a great, intuitive experience,” Friendsheet creator Zachary Allia said in a post on Facebook.

But Friendsheet is not Pinterest in the sense that you cannot pin images to Friendsheet, nor can you organize images into pinboards or categories. The only thing Friendsheet has borrowed from Pinterest is the clean, crisp design which – arguably – is a big reason for Pinterest’s runaway success.