BitNami announced today that they’re going to be offering ready-to-run images of popular open source stacks for a wider range of public and private clouds. Previously, BitNami’s cloud images were only available for Amazon Web Services (AWS), but the company is now providing images for Eucalyptus, OpenStack, VMware vCloud and others.

For those not familiar with BitNami, the company provides ready-to-run packages of popular open source applications or development environments. For instance, SugarCRM, Drupal, Alfresco and Liferay are available as pre-configured images for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The company also provides pre-configured stacks of Ruby on Rails, Django, etc. BitNami also provides virtual machine images for running on VMware.

BitNami moved into cloud hosting with AWS last February. Now they’re offering public cloud and private cloud offerings that give “one-click” deployable images and integration into other cloud platforms.

Pricing depends on the type of customer. BitNami CEO says that cloud hosting providers would have a volume-based pricing with a “minimum commitment.” Private cloud customers would have an annual subscription. The subscriptions include updates for the software as well as configuration support (for the images, not the applications).

I’m a bit surprised that more companies aren’t offering this sort of service. Are you looking at BitNami, or have tried it? Would love your thoughts.

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