SaaS backup provider Backupify has recently examined its own customer sample to do some demographic profiling of Google Apps users. The results are somewhat intriguing, as you can see in the infographic below. If you remove .edu domains, Google Apps still has nearly 40% of all of its seats used by businesses with more than 10,000 employees. The company surveyed their customers who have at least 30 users.

How did Backupify obtain this information on the size of each domain that is part of the Google Docs ecosystem? “When someone signs up for a trial, one of the pieces of information Google sends us over [in] the API is the total number of seats on the domain.” This makes for some fascinating information:

Backupify recommends that “Whether you sell a per-domain product in the Google Apps marketplace, or a per-seat product, you should customize that product for both: Very few solutions work for mom-and-pop businesses and also work for large universities and software consultancies. However, Google Apps is relatively young and Google has increased staffing in their partnership department this past year, signaling that they take their partners seriously and want to build a strong ecosystem that includes add-on developers.”

More information and their original blog post on this analysis can be found here.