The ongoing Israel and Arab Internet feud continues. Now a hacker who says he is acting “in defense of Israel” released 100,000 log-in credentials of allegedly Arab Facebook users, according to reports from Computer World.

The hacker, who goes by “Hannibal,” posted the credentials to Pastebin on Saturday, and also made all details available through 14 sharing sites, including,, and

“Jewish people named me as the general of Israel’s hackers,” writes Hannibal on the Pastebin site. “I have about 30 million email accounts, 10 million bank accounts, 4 million cerdit cards of Arabs from all over the world.”

Hannibal says he has stopped publishing information now that the Arab hackers are gone. He told Israeli hackers to cease their cyber war, but that he’ll return promptly if Israel needs him. “If they appear again, I again come to save Israel. Trust me. I’ll always be around,” Hannibal writes.

Facebook believes that it was not hacked, and that most of the login credentials are invalid. Last week Facebook officials said that on one of the releases, a third of the credentials were valid and half were not even associated with Facebook accounts. We still suggest checking Hannibal’s Pastebin list to make sure and changing your password.

This is just the latest engagement in the recent Arab-Israeli cyber wars. Earlier this month, a Saudi hacker named 0xOmar broke into a popular Israeli sports site, stealing personal information including credit card numbers. He released 26,000 credit card numbers, and threatens to release another one million. Israel vowed to retaliate, and Naked Security discovered that the number of credit cards compromised was closer to 6,000. The hack continued with an Israeli hack of Saudi credit cards.

alicia eler