One of the greatest benefits of the mobile Web is that it gives a variety of small to medium businesses an easy way to create a mobile presence without spending a lot of money on native app development. There are a variety of services that can optimize a website for the mobile Web and one of those, DudaMobile, is celebrating a big milestone today.

DudaMobile has converted one million websites to the mobile Web. It is a significant sign of the times. Whenever we write about the services that propose to turn normal websites into mobile sites, the same term is always bandied about: cookie cutter. To a certain extent, both FiddleFly and Conduit provide the same type of service. Conduit is more evolved as it makes it easy for users to turn websites into actual native apps and submit them to the Apple App Store and Android Market. FiddleFly on the other hand is very similar to DudaMobile and targets nearly the same audience.

DudaMobile post examples of the mobile sites it creates on its Facebook page. It is worth taking a look to see what the company does with its design elements. Outside of logos and color schemes, there is not much differentiation. To a certain extent, this is to be expected. How many different wire frames can a studio effectively create before its margins go out the window from supporting them all?

The company touts “dozens of design templates to choose from.” If you know any rudimentary CSS, it also offers an advanced design studio. It is WordPress friendly and offers traditional analytics services. Like most of these services, DudaMobile repackages a desktop website into mobile and automatically syncs with your normal website. Being born of the Web, these sites are also compatible across the variety of mobile platforms.

DudaMobile offers two tiers of development. The free version offers 10 pages with 500 MB of bandwidth and does not offer a personalized URL but rather If a business is willing to pay $9.00 a month it will create a legitimate ( with unlimited pages and bandwidth.

Do you have a Duda-powered website? What have your experiences been with the service? How does it compare to FiddleFly or Conduit? Let us know in the comments.