Facebook has announced that it is testing game stories in the mobile news feed. Now everyone will see which games their friends are playing the most. Every week the news feed is becoming increasingly cluttered, prompting Facebook engineers to tweak the news feed algorithm. The fact that games will show up in the mobile news feed seems like great news for gamers, but what about everyone else?

Facebook has also updated the bookmarks counter on the left rail. Once a user clicks on the notification, it will clear. Previously, these counters would only clear after the request expired or the developer deleted it.

The current iteration of the Facebook news feed gives users two options: sort by highlighted stories first or sort by recent stories first.

Among the other news feed noise, Facebook recently added sponsored stories to the news ticker.

Earlier this week, Facebook told us that come 2012, sponsored stories would start showing up in the news feed.

Gamers who care about what their friends are playing will welcome this new information in the news feed. For everyone else, it’ll just be another story to hide.

alicia eler