Today Facebook launched a brand new page to explain just how its advertising works. The social network makes most of its money through ads.

This comes right after yesterday’s announcement that sponsored stories will start popping up in the Facebook news feed. Sponsored stories are already appearing in the news ticker.

If you pay for a product, you’re a customer. If you don’t, you’re the product. On Facebook, you are the product. The difference between content and advertising continues to slip.

Facebook is interested in tailoring its ads to you rather than just delivering whatever it wants. You can click on the X if you don’t want to see the ad that’s being offered, and Facebook will deliver a new one. This is yet another thing to do on Facebook which operates as another way to keep you on the site longer.

Facebook already keeps track of ads that you’ve viewed and what sponsored stories have shown up in your feed. That information is available on the Facebook adboard .

Ads may help keep Facebook free, but will you accept them? Or, like a rebellious teenager, will you finally leave Facebook for Google+?