In another move that shows how the browser is the definitive killer app on mobile devices, location-based services company TeleNav is using HTML5 to give developers the ability to implement GPS turn-by-turn directions into Web apps. The service will be completely browser-based and free. No native app platforms needed at add GPS to the browser.

Imagine in the early 1990’s when the Web was first starting to develop. Would you have thought that GPS technology would be available through the browser, in the palm of your hand? Imagine a restaurant having a mobile website with the ability to press a button for turn-by-turn directions to show patrons how to get there. The mix of real-time location and HTML5 on mobile devices could be one of the most exciting developments to come to the Web in years.

TeleNav is producing a browser-based, voiced-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation service. For developers, it should be fairly easy to integrate into Web apps by dropping a line of code.

The browser-based service will work just like TeleNav’s navigation application. It will have full-color moving maps, automatic re-routing and audio directions. It will work across all major mobile platforms.

Developers that are interested in the project can sign up here.

The TeleNav solution is a great example of how HTML5 is evolving. Device access, once only available to native apps, is creating an ecosystem where Web apps have the same functionality. Location-based services are one of the key features of mobile devices and TeleNav is producing a interesting way for developers, merchants and brands to tap into that function without going through and app store.

dan rowinski