Sometimes it is the simplest apps that have the most appeal. My wife is one of those people that frequently sends herself reminders, via either emails or voicemails. A new service that is going into beta today offers a slightly different take on things, called Fetchnotes. And if you act quickly and are one of the next 200 readers, you can grab a sign-on here and try it out yourself. It is free of charge.

It works as follows. Once you register your mobile phone to the site, anything you text to a special address will be posted on your reminders page. You can be as sophisticated as you wish, and include hash tags to make your notes easier to categorize. And you can search for particular keywords or text strings in your notes.

The app has an interesting genesis from a student-run venture out of the University of Michigan, co-founded by Alex Schiff. And while other services such as that we wrote about earlier, Evernote, OneNote and RememberTheMilk have been around for a while, they tend to be more useful for longer messages. If you need to remind yourself of something, grab a sign-on and try it out.

david strom