Mobile analytics firm Flurry is expanding its product offering with an announcement today of AppCircle Re-Engagement, a tool for iOS developers to attempt to energize users who have downloaded apps but may not be using them. Flurry has correctly identified the problem of decreasing app engagement over periods of time and now enters a crowded and growing space of tools for developers to increase app participation.

Flurry is extending its analytics program to target specific demographics. The company couches this ability as a new offering for developers. In reality, it is not. There are a variety of companies that provide analytics and ways to market from actionable data.

AppCircle Re-Engagement

You cannot really blame Flurry for its marketing and public relations efforts. It uses words like “first” and “revolutionizing” in terms of mobile analytics and monetization for developers. It is akin to a sports star saying, “I am going to be the next Joe Montana.” If you are not confident with what you are selling, you are destined to fail.

AppCircle Re-Engagement is a new layer to Flurry’s monetization platform for developers and advertisers to target users by age and gender demographic. It is designed to bring users back into the fold after downloading an app and watching its engagement levels fall month over month. For instance, after 12 months, Flurry claims that only 4% of users are still using the app they downloaded. See the chart below.

What Flurry is doing well is turning its actionable data into a Cost-Per-Click-like engagement model for advertisers starting at $0.50 for a single CRP (Cost-Per-Reengagement).

The Growing Vertical For Actionable Data & Engagement

The problem with Flurry’s campaign is that it is not really a new model. It is tying its AppCircle to advertisers and developers with notifications within apps across properties from publishers.

In terms of creating analytics and engagement for actionable data for monetization purposes, there are several companies in this realm. PlayHaven does this for games, Flurry competitor Localytics focuses on notifications within apps aimed towards more premium consumers and publishers, BeInToo provides data through gamification, Socalize increases engagement with a social layer and provides actionable data, Apsalar has a model it is working on for publishers to do something very similar to Flurry. Claritics provides social data. Tapjoy is pivoting to create an advertising and virtual currency model between publishers.

Creating engagement and monetization opportunities for developers is the next step for any startup or established company working in the mobile analytics segment. These companies are all on similar tracks and Flurry’s new offering is the natural extension.

Developers and advertisers – are you more likely to use Flurry’s AppCircle Re-Engagement over a different flavor of the same thing? Users, what do you think about the growing trend of push notifications and messages within apps pushing you to do something? Let us know in the comments.