Earlier today, the Google blog officially announced that you can now replace your Blogger profile with your Google Plus profile. “Your social connections will also see your posts in their Google search results along with an indication that you’ve shared the post,” says a Google spokesperson.

Right now, when you go to the “Edit User Profile” section of the Blogger dashboard, you will see the following message:

The links don’t lead you anywhere. When you click “Get Started,” you’re re-directed to Blogger home. Similarly, “Learn More” sends you to a Google Blogger error page.

Alex Chitu of the Google Operating System blog also suggests that Google Plus integration will introduce social features that Google tried to previously implement with Google Friend Connect.

Currently the Blogger profile still gives you an option to check sites you’ve followed in Blogger or Google Friend Connect. The Google Friend Connect Help Forum was closed in January 2011 yet the website is still live.

Earlier this month, Google gave users the option to share Google Reader stories and Google Maps to Google Plus. Back in July, Google rebranded Blogger and Picasa to make way for Google Plus. Former ReadWriteWeb writer Audrey Watters speculated about the end of Blogger during this initial integration period, stating that “…hopefully that change would also include integrating Blogger more fully into the Google Plus site, linking Blogger profiles with Google profiles and giving blog updates a prominent position.”

Will Google continue integrating its products into Google Plus?