In a blog post earlier today, Google announced the launch of Google Commerce Search for Mobile, citing research that search queries from mobile phones are on the up and up. Google Commerce launched only two years ago, just in time for the 2009 holiday season.

Timberland is one of Google Commerce for Mobile’s first customers. On the blog post announcing Google Commerce for Search, Chris Hardisty, director of Timberland Global eCommerce, said that “Since we launched our mobile-optimized website, we have seen mobile sales grow 20 times faster than our desktop site sales.”

Google decided to launch Google Commerce for mobile after discovering that nearly 80 percent of its biggest customers do not have a mobile-optimized website, according to an article on PCWorld.

This is just another eCommerce move from Google, after the recent launch of Google Wallet, continued expansion in Google Offers and Google AdWords’ incentives for good mobile websites.