Only two years after launching, online crowdfunding service Kickstarter has had 1 million people sign up and pledge financial support for a wide range of projects of all shapes and sizes. The site has been used to help creative people get funding for everything from art projects, music videos and graphic novels to urban farms and DIY computing hardware projects.

The growth Kickstarter has seen is astronomical. A year ago, they were just under 300,000 backers. By last week, that number had grown by well over 200%.

Of those who have backed projects, 89% of them have supported at least one idea that was successful. The vast majority of backers, 84%, have been one-time backers, whereas the other 16% backed more than one project.

So how much are people shelling out to support projects? Individually, not much. It’s the aggregate spending across many backers that gets projects funded. Ninety percent of all 1.4 pledges have been for $100 or less. Three quarters have been for $50 or less.