Google Plus is currently rolling out a feature to let users control who sends them notifications. There will be a new option in settings called ‘Who can notify you.’

“We’ll be rolling this out slowly,” says Google engineer Kathleen Ko, “so if it’s not available for you yet check back soon.”

In this public post Ko outlines the notifications that users can now control:

This setting controls who you’ll get notifications from, if they:

  • Share with you individually
  • Select ‘Notify about this post’ (when sharing to a circle you’re in)
  • +Mention your name
  • Invite you to a hangout
  • Invite you to play or send you messages from a game

Users will still receive all notifications when someone comments on their posts or adds them to a circle. By default, ‘Who can notify you’ is set to extended circles. The options are: specific individuals or circles, all circles, extended circles or anyone.

This is a small update, but with traffic skyrocketing on Google Plus after opening to everyone, noise control options are a welcome addition. Earlier this week, Google Plus turned on new options to lock posts before sharing in response to user feedback.

Do you get a lot of notifications on Google Plus? Will this update help you manage them?

jon mitchell