Apple: 92% of Fortune 500 Are Testing or Deploying iPad

There’s no doubt that Apple’s iPad sales are growing faster than the iPhone. At Apple’s event on Tuesday, newly minted CEO Tim Cook announced that 92% of Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPad in the course of less than 18 months.

Meanwhile, Cook also announced that, in schools, iPads are “helping kids learn,” and “pilots replace 40 pound flight bags with iPads.” In medicine, 80% of the top hospitals in the US are testing or piloting the iPad.

Cook concluded by stating that Apple has now sold a quarter billion iOS devices (including iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches).

More news from Apple’s event

In the U.S. alone, three out of four tablets sold are iPad. Worldwide, iPad is the top selling tablet.

Financial service firms are the most likely to adopt the iPad – 36.8% of its customers iPad deployments are in financial services companies. Technology clocks in at 11.4%, and the healthcare industry lands at 10.5%. Here’s a useful chart from Good Technology explaining iPad usage by industry:

And all this considering that, not long ago, it was unclear whether or not iPads would sell much at all.

The iPad is only 18 months old.

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