Google continues the slow rollout of Google Plus to iOS with its new update, version, which adds settings for Huddle, better notifications when you’re added to circles, iPod touch and iPad support, as well as performance and stability improvements. To be clear, there is no iPad app for Google Plus. The iPhone app was restricted from running on the iPad before, unlike most other apps. Today’s update allows the iPhone app to run on an iPad, as well as on the iPod Touch, which was not supported before.

This is a minor update, even though iPad support sounds big. It’s still more satisfying to use the mobile Web version of Google Plus on the iPad than it is to use an iPhone-sized app or a blurry 2x version, which you can’t even use in landscape mode. The improvements to notifications are welcome, and improvements to Huddle might make the group messaging feature more useful to iPhone users. But we’re still waiting for a full-featured app, especially one that runs on the iPad.