During yesterday’s earnings announcement, its first ever, LinkedIn employed two social Web technologies to help make the presentation more shareable, as well as to give the team peace of mind. Using a combination of free and premium services from SlideShare and StockTwits, the LinkedIn team was able to offer its slide deck as an embeddable window (which we used in our blog post) and live-tweet the earnings call without fear of losing SEC compliance.

Mario Sundar, social media manager for LinkedIn, says the number of embeds and tweets met LinkedIn’s goal of making the presentation more shareable than typical earnings announcements, which often require clunky log-ins and PDF downloads. The premium service from StockTwits allowed the team to push tweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook posts from a StockTwits control panel that automatically added safe harbor statements and disclaimers, keeping the posts compliant with federal regulations.

“It’s complete peace of mind for companies and for me,” Sundar says, “because I know that everything that I share is compliant.”

Earnings announcements online tend to be fairly closed affairs, even though they’re technically public. They often require strange plug-ins and cumbersome log-ins, which add enough barriers to entry to exclude most informal participants. By live-tweeting the call and offering the slides for download, LinkedIn made its earnings call a more social, shareable experience.

Other companies using SlideShare to feature embeddable presentations include Dell, Amgen, and Pfizer.

Check out Mario’s blog post about making the earnings announcement work for the social Web.

LinkedIn’s First Earnings Announcement Deck, Q2 2011

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