Analtyics firm Zokem recently released data related to smartphone usage trends, based on its panel of global studies involving consumer behavior. The goal was to identify mobile consumer trends as related to smartphone enagement.

The company found that there is a slight peak in the afternoon on work days, related to an increase in voice calls. But for the rest of the day, engagement with different smartphone features is fairly even, including both app and Internet usage.

The study broke down the different applications into categories, and compared those with Web browsing, messaging (e.g. email, SMS, etc.) and voice. The chart below shows that, outside typical office hours, both Interent use and app use are more popular activities than messaging and voice. In fact, before 8 AM and after 6 PM, non-voice and non-messaging activities take up 50% of total smartphone use.

The only other notable finding was that on weekends, usage starts a couple of hours later, indicating that people like to sleep in!