Today the HR and payroll service provider ADP will unveil a free mobile application for smartphones that provides a one-stop source of information and control over employee activities, called the ADP Mobile Solutions application. They have integrated a variety of applications for employee self-service activities that previously used Web portals from desktop browsers. ADP estimates more than 9 million individuals could eventually use the app.

It will be available in Web, iOS (>3.1), Android (>v2) and Blackberry (>v4.6) versions and will have the following features:

• See your payroll info: employees can view pay statements from up to five previous pay periods, toggling between Net Pay and Gross Pay year-to-date screens.

• Check on your 401K and retirement savings: employees can view information on their accounts, such as current allocations, distribution percentages, account balances and rate of return.

• Clock in with Time & Attendance: employees can clock in, clock out, indicate if they are running late to work or if they anticipate being absent for illness, and create timesheets directly from their mobile devices. If the phone has a GPS, the user’s location can be validated to ensure that an employee can only clock in from particular locations.

• Access the corporate Intranet: The corporate directory provides the ability to view, search, and contact employees listed in the directory. Links to phone, location and email fields are active and will call/email your contact or bring you to a map, as you would expect in a phone app. The company news feature allows employees to read news and events from their smartphone using RSS feeds.

You can get an idea of the layout of the home screen with a sample view above: there are a series of buttons to initiate actions to edit timesheets or view your paychecks. The app is very clean and easy to navigate, geared towards employees that aren’t computer experts. “We spent a lot of time on the design and are aware that mobile users are impatient with poor design,” says Steve Roth, ADP senior director and mobile product manager.

Previously, only some of the features mentioned above were available via a mobile device. Now, they are all accessible via one mobile application from ADP. Last fall, the company introduced Run Mobile a payroll management solution that enables small business owners to pay their employees using a smart phone, with more than 100,000 clients now using it.

The new mobile apps are free to existing Workforce Now and Portal Self-Service ADP products.