With the launch of Google Plus, there may be some confusion as to how the photos uploaded to the social network (Google+) integrate with Google’s online photo-sharing service (Picasa), especially in terms of storage limits. The answer provides some great news for Google Plus users – nearly everything you upload to Google Plus won’t count towards your storage limits on Picasa, with the only exception being videos longer than 15 minutes.

And there’s another nifty feature involving photo-tagging, too – your Google+ friends can now tag your Picasa photos.

Unlimited Storage on Picasa

According to a FAQ on Picasa’s support site, the photo-sharing service provides up to 1 GB of free storage for photos and videos to its users. But since Google+ actively encourages storing and sharing photos – its Android app even offers an “instant upload” option – there may have been some concern about storage limits among Picasa users.

As it turns out, there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re signed up for Google+, photos up to 2048×2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes long won’t count towards this free storage limit. And Google will automatically resize photos for you when you upload them to Google+, so they stay under the free size limit.

That means only photos uploaded directly to Picasa Web Albums over the 2048×2048 size will count towards the 1 GB of free storage, explains Google. And when that limit is reached, photos will be automatically resized.

Meanwhile, for non-Google+ users, there are slightly stricter rules: photos up to 800×800 and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards free storage. Again, when the 1 GB limit is reached, larger photos will be resized down.

Simply put, this means that whether you’re on Google+ or not, Picasa offers unlimited free storage for photos and videos (under 15 minutes). The difference is that Google+ users can upload higher resolution photos to Plus/Picasa without being penalized.

Photo Tagging, Too!

There are a few other integrations between Google Plus and Picasa to take note of as well, for example, photo tagging.

This very Facebook-like feature lets anyone in your extended network in Google+ tag people in your public photos.  The person tagged is given the option to view the album and share it. If you’ve been tagged by someone in your Circles, the tag is automatically approved. You can remove tags on the photos homepage in Google+ or the Photos tab on your Google Profile. And if you would rather have more control, you can adjust this setting to enable manual approval of tags.

For those who were already using tagging in Picasa previously, all existing name tags in Picasa remain when you join Google+.

Additional source, re: storage – Ryo Cook, via Google Plus, of course; Above photo – it’s never too early to be tagged, right Josie?