The iPad isn’t just a hot new consumer device, it’s also an increasingly popular tool for business. Each week we take a look at the new or updated business apps for the iPad, and highlight trends in how tablets are being used in the enterprise.

This week we look at new apps form Accellion and WebFOCUS, and more.

Accellion Mobile Apps

Accellion is a sort of “Dropbox for enterprise” service that provides a set of security features poised to help IT managers sleep better at night. But what about mobile access? One of the key advantages to using an app like Dropbox is that I can access my files on Android and iOS devices.

This week, Accellion released its iOS version, bringing mobility to the secure file storage system.

WebFOCUS Mobile Faves

WebFOCUS Mobile Faves allows WebFOCUS Business Intelligence users to view, analyze and modify data stored in their WebFOCUS systems from their iPads or other iOS devices.

We looked at other business intelligence apps for the iPad previously.

Google Sync for iOS Improves

Google Sync is an app that lets you sync the native e-mail and calendar apps on the iPhone and iPad with Google services through Microsoft Exchange. This week Google rolled out some changes:

  • You can now search all of your Gmail, not just the e-mail stored locally on your device.
  • You can accept and decline appointment invitations from the iOS calendar app.
  • You can take advantage of the “send mail as feature,” which lets you change the name and return address on your outgoing e-mail.

Accounting Apps for the iPad

<p>Continuing our series of business apps for the iPad, this week we looked at accounting and finance apps with iPad-optimized versions. Our readers seem to prefer <a href=” alt=”” />Xero, which is soon to release a native app for the iPad, but there are other options.

klint finley