According to a new report from Forrester, Windows 7 is now in use on 20% of corporate desktops as of March 2011. Windows XP still holds on to 59.9% of the enterprise desktop world (down from 67.5% a year go). Apple now has an 11% share of the corporate desktop (up from 9.1%). Linux has only 1.4% (it was 1.3% a year before this study).

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer use is declining slightly while Chrome and Safari are on the rise.

The pace of Windows 7 adoption is accelerating, according to the report. Windows 7 dominates new deployments, with XP and Vista finally starting to disappear. Forrester says Vista adoption peaked in November of 2009 at 14% and has declined ever since.

Internet Explorer declined slightly to a 58.7% share of corporate browser use from 61.9%. Firefox clocked in at 17.8%, down from 21.9% as it cedes share to Chrome (14.1%) and Safari (8.8%).

Forrester recommends that companies use virtualization to run legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 in isolated containers instead of clinging to outdated operating systems that slow down the adoption of other technologies.