The iPad isn’t just a hot new consumer device, it’s also an increasingly popular tool for business. Each week we take a look at the new or updated business apps for the iPad, and highlight trends in how tablets are being used in the enterprise.

This week week we look at a couple more office suites for the iPad, an iPad app that aims to improve the patient registration experience in doctor’s offices and more.

MacPractice Clipboard

Clipboard is patient registration app for the iPad from Macintosh-oriented medical office software company MacPractice. It allows patients to enter their information on the iPad and have it automatically registers in the MacPractice system, reducing the amount of data entry that office staff need to do.

Office² HD 4.0

A new version of Office² HD, an office suite for the iPad, was released this week. Version 4.0 adds support for Microsoft PowerPoint files. Like most mobile office suites, Office² is designed with Microsoft Office compatibility in mind and gives users the ability to edit documents stored in Google Docs, Box, DropBox and other cloud storage systems.


Soonr is another office suite for tablets, including the iPad. It just launched this week. Considering the number of existing office suite, including Office², QuickOffice and iWork it seems like this app will have a difficult time finding a place in the App Store, but if you’re not satisfied with the other options you might want to take a look at this.

iPad Apps for Creating Charts, Diagrams and Visualizations

This week we took a look at iPad Apps for creating charts, diagrams and visualizations. So far, it seems that your favorites are Apple’s Numbers app and Roambi Visualizer.

Report: Enterprises are Adopting Tablets, but Without a Strategy

This week Dimensional Research published results of a survey of 448 business stakeholders regarding their plans for deployment of the iPad and other tablets. All of the respondents have either deployed tablets already or plan to deploy tablets by the end of 2013. But 51% say they have no specific strategy for tablet adoption.

Some other key findings from the survey:

  • 22% have formally deployed iPads or other tablets.
  • 72% have iPads or other tablets in use today, although they have not been formally deployed.
  • 41% are used by individuals who have purchased on their own.
  • 47% see demand for sales force automation applications on tablets
  • 84% of users see demand for the app on uua tablet

You can the survey results here.