The Shavlik acquisition by VMware is one of several that have been announced in the past 12 to 18 months, reflecting a trend of greater demand for ways to manage data centers and extensions to cloud-based infrastructures.

More often, automation is a key driver in making the transition, with cloud management companies playing a vital role.

Shavlik primarily serves the small and medium-sized business market. The company helps its clients manage existing physical servers and virtualized technology.

VMware and Shavlik have an established relationship. VMware GO is a joint SaaS-based IT management solution. The service provides SMBs with deployment and management of VMware vSphere, the VMware Hypervisor and general IT management of both physical and virtual computers. VMware Go will continue to be the focus as the companies move forward.

In December of last year, Rackspace acquired Cloudkick. In July of last year, CA acquired Nimsoft and Citrix acquired VMLogix last August.

alex williams