Business Card App Cardcloud Links Up With LinkedIn, Adds Events

If I had my way, I’d never carry a business card again. I’d never accept one either. They’re artifacts, relics of a different era and, more than anything, inevitably end up lost and tucked away in a drawer full of other business cards never to be seen again.

Cardcloud, the app that promises to replace your business cards, has taken a logical step forward by integrating LinkedIn directly into the app and helping you remember exactly who that person was by showing you where you met them.

We first wrote about Cardcloud last month, noting the simple approach the app takes to replacing business cards. It doesn’t use gaming to incentivize your connections, it simply puts the one thing everyone has – an email address – at the center of your networking experience.

Today, Cardcloud announced that it has made it easier than ever to get started by turning LinkedIn profiles into business cards. When you sign up for Cardcloud, you can do so using LinkedIn and it will automatically pull all your information, like your name, job title and Twitter account, and add it to your virtual card.

When it comes to replacing business cards, however, we’d like to see a bit more than this. If you take a look at the latest version of Bump, you’ll see an option to quickly and easily connect across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hopefully following versions of Cardcloud will do the same.

Say Goodbye to the Conference Card Collection

Last week, Cardcloud announced event integration. Think about the last conference you went to and you’ll realize how many cards you collect. More likely than not, however, they all end up in that same big pile. Cardcloud already records the time and place a meeting occurs, but not it connects then we certain events. The feature debuted last week at The Next Web’s conference and will be available at upcoming conferences like Google I/O next week and Apple’s WWDC in June.

Cardcloud for iPhone from Cardcloud on Vimeo.

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