If you work with Hadoop, or want to, check out Antonio Piccolboni’s overview of eight MapReduce languages. Piccolboni explores each language in search of a language that provides both concise syntax and the power to run both the “‘inside’ of map reduce, that is the code for the mapper and the reducer, as well as the ‘outside’, the logic that decides which map reduce jobs to run.” He also looked to whether he could write MapReduce programs that require multiple MapReduce jobs ” including the case of a data dependent number and type of jobs.”

He decided Rhipe, which integrates R with Hadoop, was the closest to what he was looking for. However, one notable absence from his overview is Wukong, which brings Ruby to Hadoop. (Though I’m not sure whether this would meet his requirements).

Which language do you prefer for creating MapReduce jobs, and why?

klint finley