Video: Netezza Pays Homage to Thomas Bayes, Father of Probability Theory and Predictive Analytics

Analytics appliance vendor, Netezza (which was acquired by IBM last year posted a series of videos dedicated to Thomas Bayes, a Presbyterian minister and mathematician who lived from 1702 to 1761. Bayes formulated Bayes’ Theorem, the foundation for probability theory and predictive analytics. The theorem wasn’t published until after Bayes’ death, when his friend Richard Price presented it to the Royal Society.

Here’s the first video:

If you’d prefer to read, rather than listen, you can check out the introduction to Bayes on the Netezza blog by Mike Kearney. Kearney also points to this post at Less Wrong for an illustrated explanation of Bayes Theorem.

It’s a great story that rises above the hype and promise of analytics to remind us of the humble origins of the theories behind the tech.

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